USB Flash Drives

USB – Type A

The most familiar USB connector to the average consumer, with its classic rectangular port and pin connectors on the bottom side. With this configuration, the connection will only work if the cable is inserted correctly. Though USB-C has introduced a downturn in use for this old standard, it is still common to see USB Type-A ports on newly released devices due to the countless number of peripherals that still use this connection type. ( source:

USB – Type C

Well on its way to becoming the new standard for consumer tech products, nearly all new laptops, tablets, and docks contain USB-C ports. USB-C is more compact than its predecessors, reversible in connectivity (vertical orientation doesn’t matter for a USB-C connection), and compatible with a number of connection types like USB-A, HDMI, Thunderbolt™ 3, etc. Also, due to power delivery support, charging capabilities and transfer speeds are faster. Each USB-C that you order with out company will come with adapter so you can use it as USB Type A as well. ( source:

USB – Type ( A + C ) DUO

DUO Flash drive comes with both ends so you can at any moment choose which type to plug into your device.