We feature Paramount Pressure Sensitive Mountboard:

Adhesive Information

The "pressure sensitive" adhesive which provides the adhesive for mounting the photograph is applied to 24 pt. SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate) at our supplier's facility, which specializes in coating and laminating applications. To ensure ease of use, ParaMount Pressure Sensitive Mount Board is supplied with a heavy duty 5 mil release paper and a high tack acrylic adhesive to achieve a quick and permanent bond. The acrylic "pressure sensitive" adhesive is specially formulated for the photographic industry and will not interact with photographic emulsions or digital prints.

For Cold Mounting Photos, Artwork and Graphics.

  1. Peel back protective release paper about 1" from across the top of the mounting board.
  2. Align edge of print with mounting board.
  3. Slowly peel back the rest of the release paper while firmly pressing down, smoothing the entire surface to avoid trapping any air bubbles.
  4. Trim edges of print if necessary.