Friday 29 June, 2012


One of the many changes that occurred with the business name switch came in the form of packaging.

Over the years I have learned how important it is to have a consistent brand. So I wanted my packaging to match my colors. I have purchased a few things over the years from Rice Studio Supplies and was looking forward to working with them on packaging. Their Eco Chic packaging was exactly what I was looking for and they had the perfect colors. After getting a few questions answered on the phone I was ready to proceed.

It is always a little nerve racking placing a huge order and then waiting for the results. I was not disappointed at all. Love all the items I got and I know they are only going to make my prints look better. Below are a couple quick images of some of the packaging I got that will be used for my family and high school senior work.

Trimble Photography, LLC.
Testimonial By: Trimble Photography, LLC